News Update – 07/05/2021


Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,

Covid Update.

There has been an increase in sicknesses of late but thankfully not Covid-19 related. This week saw an attendance rate of 93.65% with a year to date figure of 95.4%

Importance of Public Health Measures.

The importance and impact of public health measures within schools to prevent the onward spread of COVID-19 infection has been repeatedly shown in schools with low positivity amongst close contacts. It is really important that these measures continue to be implemented, and that families are encouraged to support schools in keeping COVID-19 out of schools, by ensuring they follow national public health guidance, and staying away if anyone has and symptoms of COVID-19 infection. – (Source: Letter from D.E.S. to Principals.)

Departmental Guidance.

All schools have received guidance from the DES on the staging of Sports Days, School Tours and Graduations etc during the week. We will be assessing these new modified delivery methods and relaying them to you in the next few weeks. Please appreciate that they will be paired back to the bare essentials and in compliance with Covid 19 restrictions.

Sacramental Update.

We hope to have a latest update on sacraments in next week’s issue.

Teaching Practice

We are glad to help in the training of new students in to the teaching profession. In this term we will facilitate three pupils at our school because of Covid 19 closures within the last 15 months. Past Pupils Miss Clodagh Kelly (Rg5) Miss Niamh Power (Rg 6) and Mr. Rowan Wagner, Fethard (Rg1) have been or are currently with us and we wish them well in their placements. Miss Power who finished last Friday is a granddaughter of our founding principal Mr. Sean Nyhan, who taught at our school between 1972-1982.

Is mise,

Michael J. O’Ryan – Principal