News Update – 13/11/2020


Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,

With ¼ of the academic year behind us it is great to be operational. As I stated before, it is week to week and if I get the chance to publish five more of these updates we will have the first term completed and be in a better position because of the efforts of all during lockdown.

Attendance: Thankfully we have a 96.5% attendance again this week. There seems to be a “tummy bug” in circulation. If your child is showing a high temperature plus at least one other symptom on the Covid 19 list please refrain from sending him/her to school and call your G.P. please.

Collection on Wet Days: We have been blessed in that Week 10 is almost complete and we only had our first miserable evening on Wednesday last. In future we would ask parents who collect their children at 3pm to alight from their car and proceed to the school gate to make themselves known to staff. Children will be called from their respective classrooms by staff once a parent/guardian is present. Please allow time for this. Tweaks may be made as time goes by to streamline the process. The plan for children on buses remains intact. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Nire Valley Newsletter: The Publishing Committee is seeking articles and photographs for the upcoming edition of the Christmas Newsletter. This year will be a challenge due to Covid-19, therefore they seek your help. This has been an excellent venture locally for over 30 years and each year our school gets ample space to publicise happenings either via article or picture form. Past editions prove a treasure trove of local information and history. For further details please contact Mary Wall (052) 6136134 or Thomas Crotty (052) 6136139 at your earliest convenience.

Book Rental/ Arts & Crafts: We are almost there as regards collecting the above monies. If people would make contact with Rose on 052 6136349 at their convenience we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to all who have done so.

PTMs:  Parent Teacher Meetings will take place on the Week Commencing Monday 30th November 2020 and will run for four consecutive evenings. We will be in touch with the 10min time slots next week. The layout is as follows;

J. Inf – Rg2 Mon 30/11       & Tues 1/12 Teachers will contact parents by phone at a pre arranged allocated 10 min time slot between 3-5pm on one evening. Times will be issued next week.
Rg3-Rg6 Wed 2/12         & Thurs 3/12 Parents will have a choice of Zoom or phone call for a 10 min time slot between 3-5 pm on one evening. Time slots will issue next week.


 F.A.O. 6th Class Parents

Confirmations. Our new PP, Fr. Michael Toomey has sent correspondence to parents of those who intend for their 6th class child/children to make this sacrament as soon as is practicable. Please return this completed form, to the school within the next two weeks.

Secondary Schools. As you are aware all local secondary schools have been in touch since Halloween offering places to our pupils for Sept 2021. The Admissions Policy for all schools has changed this year and deadlines have been shortened. Please familiarise yourself with these timelines for your school of choice. They are fast approaching.


Michael J. O’Ryan – Principal.