News Update – 15/02/2023



Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,


Attendance – I didn’t report on attendance for a while, but with a lot of various bugs circulating lately, it might be opportune to do so. Attendance for February to-date is 89%. This is very much on a par with December last. As a reference point, expected normal attendance over the course of the year would be between 94 / 95%. We have deployed some of our ‘high efficiency particulate air’ (HEPA) filters in selected classrooms until brighter and warmer days arrive with more natural ventilation. This type of air filter is said to remove almost all dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns. Get well soon to all those who are absent with an illness.


HSE Visits – The HSE Sight & Hearing staff will visit on Monday next. If you received a form to complete, please have it back on Monday morning at latest.


Bus Eireann Tickets – The School Transport portal referred to in last week’s issue will not open until March. The Deadline is late April. Please keep a watchful eye, if you have a child set to enrol at our school or set to leave us for secondary in June.


St. Valentine’s Day – Our pupils and indeed staff got into the spirit of the day on Tuesday last when donning red white or pink jumpers in honour of St Valentine, a saint who is buried beneath Whitefriar Church in Dublin.


GAA Coach – Barry Dunne will call to our school on Friday 24th Feb for three Fridays, so hurleys and helmets at the ready, please. I’m glad to report that we are currently engaging with local clubs to reintroduce coaching courtesy of vetted club members / coaches.


Child Protection Questionnaire – As part of our Child Protection review, we consult with parents and pupils. I would appreciate if you would complete this 5-question survey, please. Parental Questionnaire on Child Protection.


Mid Term Break – As per our academic calendar, our school closes today and will remain closed until next Monday at 9:20 am. Bainigí taitneamh as!


Is mise,

Michael J. O’ Ryan – Principal.