News Update – 16/09/2022



Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,


PA A.G.M. – This has been rescheduled for Tuesday next in the school at 7pm. Please see e-mail sent to all families on Wednesday last. To quote the Officer Board “we are really looking forward to seeing some new faces and welcoming new ideas”


Time Capsule – We are asking our pupils and their families to come together to suggest items which we may include in a time capsule to be opened on our 100 Anniversary i.e., 30th August 2072. In this time capsule we hope to include some items from 1972, our founding year and others from now, our golden jubilee. We would appreciate if you could suggest items using the following link. Items of educational importance maybe more relevant for this exercise. This is another event planned for our jubilee year of celebration. (Please involve grandparents and parents in ideas for 1972 items and current pupils in choosing current day items.) The link to this survey is here.


Phone Lines Down – Our phone lines were down early this week which only allowed outgoing calls for some reason. The problem is hopefully sorted. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Secondary School Visits – Principals of local secondary schools are getting in touch re: Enrollment for Sept 2023 already. The pupils in Rang 6 will be receiving visits from these schools between now and Halloween. Please keep abreast of dates in relation to schools of interest. Our own enrollment process for next year will open on 1st October. There will be more on this topic nearer to this time.


Swimming – A slip has been sent to RG 5/6 re: swimming. We will be in touch again early next week as it is due to commence on Friday next, all going well.


Holy Communion Update – Fr Toomey has called and outlined the programme for those wishing to make their first Holy Communion in Spring 2023. This was distributed to Rang 2 pupils yesterday. Please check school bags. The first ceremony is scheduled for FMW on Sunday 25th September at 9am. Nire details will be forwarded as soon as they are to hand.


Family No.’s – All families have now received their family number for the year ahead. They are to be seen on homework holders in the junior classes and homework journals in the senior classes. Please refer to this number in money collection envelopes etc.


Is mise,

Michael J. O’Ryan – Principal