News Update – 21/05/2021


Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,

Covid Update. This week our absent rate at 8 % was higher than at any point since mid September 2020. It reminds us to keep vigilant and to err on the side of caution in relation to your child’s health and attendance at school. It is worth noting that we also have reports of stomach bugs, vomiting and diarrhoea doing the rounds this week.

Sacraments Update. First Penance for all of Rang 2 will take place on Wed. 9th June in Fourmilewater at 7:30pm. Confirmation in the Parish has been scheduled for Sun. 4th July at both Fourmilewater and Touraneena. Communions will take place on the last weekend of September at both the Nire and Fourmilewater. These are yet again provisional and based on current Government / HSE guidelines. Letters to this effect have / will be issued to classes concerned.

School Tours. We will organise local school tours for those in Juniors to Rg 2. These classes have fewer restrictions concerning social distancing and can interact as a class bubble. To this end they will travel to Parson’s Green (all outdoor) either the last week in May or the first week in June. You will receive more information anon from your child’s teacher. Senior tours will be restricted to local walks / trips etc during Active week from June 14th.

Class Splitting. As reported recently, while we will have 8 classes next year we will only have 7 class teachers. 60 have graduated these last two years while only a little over 40 have enrolled. This will be the scenario going forward.  The rationale this year is based on keeping class splits to the minimum and keeping the senior classes as single entities. This will be released to families in June. It will be further emphasised when book lists are released.

Wellbeing. As part of our School Self Evaluation (SSE) process we will be issuing questionnaire to pupils, parents and staff in an effort to gather data on how we can promote wellbeing in primary school. This will be in addition to an area both from literacy and numeracy to be decided upon in early June following analysis of the yearly standardised tests. We will operate these plans for the 2021-’22 academic years and report back periodically.

Coaching. I’m glad to report that outdoor GAA coaching will recommence on Wednesday 2nd June for three Wednesdays at our school. Hurleys and helmets at the ready please.

Rg 6 RSE Day. This day will take place on Thurs 17th June. Please return RSE pack to Mr. Brunnock if you haven’t already done so. Thank you.

Shredded Paper – If anybody or family requires shredded photocopying paper for pet litter or otherwise we may have a bag or two at irregular intervals for recycling. This would tie in with our green flag ethos also. Please drop us a line at or by phone at 052 6136349.

Is mise

Michael J. O’Ryan