News Update – 08/10/2021


Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,

Covid Update.

Thankfully, we have had no further cases at our school since 4th September. We are still at a high level of caution. Attendance since the start of September has been 92.3% on average.  We thank you all for your cooperation.


We extend our sympathy to Miss Denmead on the death of her grandfather, who died on Wednesday last.


We welcomed Miss Blain to our staff on Monday last. Sarah will be liaising with our Sp Ed Team until Christmas 2021.


Enrolment for 2022/23 academic year is now open. If you have or know anyone interested in enrolling a child at our school please contact Rose on 052-6136349. An Admission Application Form (Form 1) will suffice for now. This is available on our website under the Enrolment tab.

Money Collection.

We kindly ask that families consider supporting us through the Voluntary Contribution Scheme. We did not operate this last year owing to Covid. It is necessary to help the school run its business. A family letter was distributed to children yesterday. Hopefully you may be in a position to support us during the year.  Can I also give a gentle reminder to those who haven’t paid the Book Rental or the Arts & Crafts monies.  Please feel free to contact me in confidence should you so wish in relation to matters financial or any of the above.

Shoe Box Appeal.

For many years we have supported the Christmas Shoebox Appeal at our school. This year we will recommence the project where our children and their families can donate shoeboxes to either a boy or a girl from Eastern Europe or Africa. It is not uncommon for us as a school community to send over 100 such boxes. More information can be got from our website under Parent Info.

Health Register.

Usually I send home a September pack with relevant information from the school. This year I just ask that you complete our health register for each of your children. This will update our system and make staff aware of any important issues in this regard. This we will email to you prior to Mid Term Break seeking updated health information.

Junior Achievement Ireland.

We are delighted to become involved with the JAI Award this year. It will involve Rg 5 and working in the STEAM area of Maths/Science. Thanks to past pupil and Boston Scientific employee, April O’Gorman for enrolling us on this programme & Mrs Mcgrath for being the lead teacher. Our pupils will benefit greatly from the programme.


School will break on Friday 24th October at 2/3pm for Mid-Term Break. We will return on Mon 1st Nov at 9:20 am when hopefully some of the Covid restrictions in place since March 2020 can be eased.

Is mise,

Michael J. O’Ryan – Principal.