News Update – 09/10/2020


Dear Parent / Guardian / Colleague / Board Member,

I’m delighted to get the opportunity to inform you of pertinent issues weekly on Friday evening’s email. It is a very useful resource and hopefully you are finding it beneficial in keeping up with school affairs. Our attendance this week has been above average, at 97%. I urge parents to be extra vigilant now that the weather has become more winter-like. Please follow health professional’s advice and do not send your children to school if displaying Covid like symptoms, also please inform the school of any such issue. Thank you for your cooperation to-date.

Covid-19. We had a member of staff who was asked to self isolate last weekend as she had been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19. As the contact was made at the weekend, we were assured that the class was in no danger, a fact we relayed to relevant parents. We were informed on Wednesday morning that the result returned negative. The staff member is following HSE protocol and will return to school once safe to do so. Staff members were reassigned to ensure continuity of teaching and learning.

Confirmation. Unfortunately, our proposed confirmation ceremonies planned for this weekend had to be postponed for a second time. Under Level 3 restrictions, church services move online and no social gatherings take place inside. We will reassess the situation with local parish priests Fr. Desmond and Fr. Twomey if the current Level 3 restrictions are eased after mid-term break. We officially welcome Fr. Michael as he takes up parish duties.

Secondary School. October is the month when local principals call to our school to invite applications for entry into secondary. This year will be different, I’m sure. “Virtual Open Nights” and other such innovative events will be the order of the day for 6th class and parents. – A case of forward planning for next year while only starting this one.

Deputy Principal. The process to replace Mrs. Ryan is up and running. A shortlist of candidates has been called for interview. The new deputy principal will hopefully be announced on the week leading up to the Halloween holidays. Best of luck to all candidates, at upcoming interview, both internal and external.

P.T.M. November is traditionally “Parent Teacher Meeting” month at our school. I don’t envisage the traditional face to face meetings happening for obvious reasons but I will give a further update upon return from Halloween break with a view to arranging an alternative parent / teacher style interaction in late November.

Halloween. The Halloween holidays will commence on Fri. 23rd Oct. at 2pm for infants and 3pm for Rg1-Rg6 pupils. The children will return to school on Mon. 2nd Nov. for 9:20am. For more information on our Academic Calendar please check our new website under “Parent Info”

Mental Health & Awareness Day. Today we celebrated M.H.A. Day by allowing the children to “differentiate or spice up” their footwear, which they duly did in spectacular style. This was keeping in line with the organisation’s campaign entitled “Walk in My Shoes” Mental Health and wellbeing for all is very important, now more than ever. We are happy to play our part.

Le gach dea ghuí.

Michael J. O’Ryan – Principal.